Pure Blue innovates sustainable solutions to water’s biggest problems. To learn how and why we passionately work to reduce the cost of water treatment, spend some time with us.


780 Million People

lack access to clean water, which equates to 1 in 9 globally

36 US States

are experiencing water shortages despite the US having the 2nd most water of any country in the world.

17 Trillion Dollars

is presently at risk because of unsustainable water usage.

Let's solve this

Global water shortages create an urgent call to action. Herein lies one of the greatest business and social opportunities of the 21st century. Pure Blue addresses the problem of water shortages head-on and seizes this opportunity...


Reducing the cost of water treatment

Pure Blue is committed to increasing water supplies by developing a reverse osmosis membrane fouling-minimizing solution that reduces the cost of desalination. This technology affords more nations and businesses to convert seawater and wastewater into pure water to meet rapidly rising water demands.

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