Who We Are

Advisors & team

  • David Paulson
    30+ year water treatment and membrane expert, including running and managing R&D, IP strategy, commercialization, and company exit at Osmonics, acquired by GE for $250M.
  • Dr. Robert Burk
    Founder & former Chief Science Officer of NanoH2O, innovative reverse osmosis membrane manufacturer, acquired by LG for $203M in 2014.
  • Lee Portillo
    15+ year water treatment expert, hands-on water treatment R&D, pilot test setup and management, and technical troubleshooting. Field Technician at Origin Oil. Former Technical Lab Lead at NanoH2O.
  • Rajindar Singh
    35+ year expert in engineering, water treatment systems, and product & process development, and manufacturing. 3 books and 40 published papers on water treatment technology.
  • Scott Button
    20 year industrial systems engineering expert.
  • Steve Cullen
    20 year serial entrepreneur with multiple successful high-tech company formations, raises, and acquisitions.
  • Ryan Vogel
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Adam Greenberg
    Co-Founder & CFO


  • WaterTectonics
    Global water treatment manufacturer, systems integrator, and solutions provider for the oil, gas, mining, pulp, and agricultural reclamation industries. Key channel-to-market.
  • WSGR (Wilson Sonini Goodrich & Rosati)
    Internationally connected corporate and IP legal representatives. Top 10 US Cleantech law firm. Intellectual Property portfolio management and corporate legal representation


Sustainable, economical management of sea, waste, and ground waters enables individuals, businesses, and nations to thrive.


To secure water supplies by innovating resource-saving water solutions.

Founders Statement

Water sustains all life. Water carves mountains, moves continents, unites people creating community when abundant, divides nations in war when scarce, quenches thirst, grows food, cleans our homes and clothes, produces energy, and is the foundational backbone of nearly all industries. Agriculture, textiles, semiconductor, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, mining, marine, aviation, and energy industries all rely on water for day-to-day operations and production of the world’s goods. For instance, in the oil and gas industry, the primary supplier of the world’s energy, water is responsible for roughly half of a producing well’s operating costs.

Water connects all life. The continuance of humanity rests, above all else, on our collective commitment to conserving, restoring, purifying, and distributing the world’s water for the plethora of home, business, and communal uses. This effort requires committed collaboration, unity in numbers, and fearless blazing determination in radical action. Our survival depends on it.

Pure Blue is committed to increasing water supplies by innovating solutions that reduce the cost of water treatment. We focus our efforts here because we believe innovation is the most immediately accessible driver of global change. Practices, policy, and education remain critical drivers which must also be addressed by other organizations to ensure water security. We support the organizations aligned with this core vision.

We encourage you to connect with us if this message speaks to you. Your support and partnership may help to reduce the cost of water treatment and help ensure water security. We welcome shared ideas and look forward to collaborative movements.

If your university, research group, or company has developed or is developing a water treatment innovation, contact us. We may be able to help.

Company Values

  1. Accomplishment
    requires the below values.
  2. Collaboration
    requires trust, transparency, honesty, and early, frequent, and open communication.
  3. Creativity and Innovation
    at all levels.
  4. Self-mastery
    requires integrity, focus, discipline, honest reflection, and holistic health (mind, body, spirit). Well-rounded excellence is the result.
  5. Compassion
    love-in-action for teammates, customers and their needs, all partners, stakeholders, and oneself.
  6. Openness
    to new ideas & perspectives, new ways of being, new people, and innovation at all levels.
  7. Frugality
    do more with less.
  8. Perspective
    detail-oriented with holistic big picture thinking, multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, and multi-perspective team and advisors.