Desalination with PureRO

Membrane fouling is the desalination industry's chief problem. Membranes filter and remove contaminants from water including salt, organics, metals, bacteria, viruses, dirt, and oil. Over time, these contaminants foul membranes, effectively reducing membrane flux (water throughput), increasing the energy required to pump water through the membrane, and increasing the frequency of membrane cleaning and replacement. Reverse osmosis (RO) membranes enable more than 80% of all desalination. Mitigating membrane fouling is critical to RO performance and the reducing the cost of desalination.

PureRO proactively combats membrane fouling by shaking off organic, inorganic, and biogical matter before it can foul the membrane. This saves energy, chemicals, water, and money.

"The feasibility of Pure Blue’s innovation in these commercial channels is of keen interest to WaterTectonics because of the impact the technology can have on minimizing membrane fouling, reduction of power usage through lower membrane pressures, and corresponding extension of membrane life."

– Jason Mothersbaugh, Vice President of WaterTectonics

Benefits of PureRO

PureRO reduces desalination operating, maintenance, and capital equipment costs by decreasing:

  1. Membrane fouling, scaling, and concentration polarization
  2. Energy consumption
  3. Membrane maintenance and replacement
  4. Chemical usage, waste, and disposal
  5. Pretreatment requirements